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Specialized Carrier Services



Allied Communications focuses on the creation of telecom gateways designed to host and hand-off high-end intellectual content for enterprises and institutions, with particular emphasis on the healthcare and education sectors and a special focus on underserved areas.




Allied Communications pioneered the concept of establishing telemedicine facilities in health shortage areas, and was engaged to establish the first public school system based telemedicine interface in the U.S.  This specialized carrier activity covered network design, vendor selection, bridge installation, and carrier services.  Our telemedicine work includes domestic U.S. and international projects.  Through a wholly-owned subsidiary (Conexiones) and other affiliated companies, Allied is working with a submarine cable operator in the Caribbean (SMITCOMS) to develop a telehealth hub for the Netherlands Antilles.



Allied Communications provides bridge interconnections, web-hosting, and carrier services for the burgeoning distance education market.  Its clients in this area include both content providers as well as community-based host sites (educational institutions, housing developers, community education centers, community technology centers, and telework sites).  As with its telemedicine, the Company’s work in distance education includes domestic U.S. and international projects.  Allied is conferring with the International Law Institute – Uganda, the Institute of International Trade & Development and the Global Distance Learning Network (via the World Bank) to develop distance education seminars for lawyers, jurists, and legislators in sub-Sahara Africa.  The first demo is scheduled for later this year, and will connect telecom regulators from the U.S. (FCC) and four sub-Saharan African countries to discuss various issues involving telecom regulation in the competitive marketplace.



Allied Communications conceived and designed the “Sm@rt Home Community” prototype—now the national model for marrying broadband capacity with housing construction in the affordable housing sector.  This Fannie Mae initiated project garnered recognition from a diverse group of domestic and international agencies—Federal Communications Commission, HUD, and the International Telecommunication Union—as a “Best Practice” for deploying high capacity, self-sustainable communications infrastructure in underserved markets.  “Sm@rt Home Communities” also brought to market the concept of community based nodes for telemedicine and distance education exchanges between service providers (hospitals and educational institutions) and the consuming public.  This product has shown real amenity value in the assisted living community, as well as revitalization projects in the multi-family housing sector.



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